Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Yes, that’s right!  we are most embarrassed when someone talks about the cleanliness of our bathroom. Everything else in your room is fine but your indifference to bathroom cleaning can leave you constantly embarrassed. So you have to take extra care about bathroom cleaning. The biggest thing is that the cleanliness of the bathroom involves the health of you and your family.

Who wants to clean the house after spending the whole day working time and returning home in the evening? But no matter how much you want to do it, you have to accept that cleaning the house is a very important task just like any other daily work. And that is important for our own well-being. Especially the places like kitchen, bathroom, and dining should be cleaned after a while.Bathroom cleaning-Dirty Sink

But time? Where can I find time to do so much? Is that what you are thinking?

So here are some helpful tips to help your bathroom cleaning right away.

What are the things that usually need to be cleaned in a bathroom?

  • Blurred glass
  • Rust or rust made by soap stains and water scattered here and there
  • Brown spots formed by tap water
  • All the weird stains that suddenly formed in the bathroom
  • All rubbish including hair, foam, shampoo discarded parts, etc.

Bathroom cleaning techniques : 

Below are some very useful bathroom cleaning techniques to get rid of all these hassles very quickly.

  1. Blurred glass

To make the fuzzy glass shiny without too many lumps in an instant, first, dip three black tea bags in a glass with a little more than half of the cold water. Now sprinkle the mixture on the fuzzy glass of your bathroom and wipe it off with newsprint. See how shiny your bathroom glass has become!

  1. Brown spots, rust, or stains

Has the sink turned brown?

Take a pot and mix half the vinegar and half the dish soap in it. Now apply it on a hard cloth and rub it on the spot. You will see that the stain is gone. Also, rub a little lemon juice on it to remove any kind of rust or roughness. Then clean it. Also, if you see hard rust and stains inside the water faucet, wrap the rusted area with a towel or cloth. Then pour vinegar on it. Leave it on the cloth or towel for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove and scrub the spot. It will be clear.

  1. The toilet

You don’t have to worry too much about cleaning this always used place. Only vinegar and a few pieces of paper can help you. First, pour a little vinegar into the flash. Now pour vinegar on the paper as shown above and place it in the corner of the commode. After the remaining part is wiped with vinegar, after seven minutes, take out the papers with a brush and clean the rest with a toothbrush soaked with vinegar. Now it’s all over, just flash!

  1. Hidden garbage

You can remove the garbage in front if you want. However, to remove the garbage that is hidden in the basin and even in some places, it is not possible to take it out even if you want to. Wrap your vacuum cleaner with paper, stick tape on it, and take out the garbage.

  1. Glass Shower & Glass Door:

Extra caution is required to clean such places. To clean the glass surface of the glass shower, you need pine oil, baking soda, soft bathroom cleaner, vegetable oil. We must avoid abrasive cleaner or scrubbing pads which can leave scratches in the glass.

Bathroom cleaning-Glass shower & glass Door

Shower doors usually have cloudy type glass which is cleaned using white vinegar or commercial lime and scale remover. However, such solutions should be used with caution.


  1. Sink:

Another notable part of our bathroom is the sink. We have a lot of problems when cleaning the sink that we usually make ourselves. Many types of dirt can block the sink pipe, so it is necessary to clean the sink pipe every few days.

From dribbles of toothpaste to soapy water, the use of different types of hair products makes the sinks look very dirty. It feels uncomfortable to use so regular cleaning makes you want to use it again and again. Use a bathroom cleaner to clean light dirt, but any type of rapist or soft scrub cleaner can be used to remove hard stains.

You can be cleaning the bathroom with a variety of products in your home that can save you money and time. It is often seen that the tiles or mosaics of the bathroom get dark spots. To remove it, clean the floor by mixing baking soda and water in a sponge.

Keep the shower as well as the floor clean. Since these are made of steel, bacteria can easily accumulate in them. If you want, you can dip the face of the shower with a little vinegar in a polythene bag.

Lastly, I would like to say that since bathroom cleaning is related to your health, we need to be more aware of bathroom cleaning by removing fatigue so that my family and I can be healthy.

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