9 Common Plumbing problem : DIY Tips To Fix The Easier Problems

Every home has some plumbing problems. Many problems are very common, so it is possible to solve them on your own by dealing with such common problems. It is possible to easily save thousands of dollars by solving the problem yourself.

Below we discuss some common plumbing problems, through which you can understand plumbing problems and get the confidence to solve them on your own.

Common Plumbing Problem

Common plumbing problem:

Usually, if we hire a professional plumber for a small plumbing related problem we lose a lot of money, very simple problems that we can solve on our own. A little awareness, a little theoretical knowledge can save you a lot of money. We have discussed a few of the common problems below, which will enrich your knowledge.

  1. Dripping Faucets
  2. Blockage Draining Sink
  3. Clogged Shower Drain
  4. Stuck toilet
  5. Leakage Toilet
  6. Water Heater
  7. Low water pressure
  8. Blockage garbage Disposal
  9. Leaking Pipes

Dripping Faucets:

Dripping Faucet is one of the common plumbing problems. However, even if it is common if you are not experienced, it is very difficult to find the source of the problem.


 Let’s watch a short video!!!


Dripping Faucet is not only annoying but it can also waste extra money by increasing your water bill. The biggest loss is the loss of thousands of gallons of water every year due to this dripping. The main reason for this dripping faucet is due to prolonged use of the internal washer, loosening, wear and tear. And this problem can be solved by changing this internal washer. The internal washer is usually inside the faucet, which can be easily fixed by modification. Anyone can do this using DIY skills and basic tools, but keep in mind that you need to switch off the water supply of the dripping faucet when you open it.

Blockage Draining Sink:

Another very common problem is Blockage Draining Sink. Sink drains can be blocked for a variety of reasons, which slows or stops the flow of water. The drain of our kitchen sink is blocked by the frozen fat and the intended part of the food, while the bathroom sink is seen to be blocked by hair or soap. Plunger, baking soda, chemicals can be used to clean the drains of this garbage sink.

Then if the problem cannot be solved then the condition of the drain will get worse, in a few days, you will see that the drains will be completely blocked. So you have to make arrangements to clean the drains regularly.

There are a few things to keep in mind when removing debris from a sink drain-

  • Before using the chemical, you have to follow the directions written on it.
  • Use gloves and goggles.
  • Chemicals should not be mixed with anything else that can cause toxic gases.

Special Note: Excessive use of chemicals can damage the drainage pipes in your bathroom and kitchen, so it can not be used very often.


Clogged Shower Drain:

Hair falls out while cleaning our hair in the bath and it can get stuck in the bathroom as well as in the soap drain. So using the bathroom drain guard can get rid of this danger and do not have to get too fast to install the drain guard. The drain guard usually has screws that can be attached using a normal screwdriver.

Stuck toilet:

Many times it is seen that the toilet bowl is full and no dirt is passing through the drain, it is very annoying. This type of blockage is human waste, paper also throws feminine products in the toilet due to blockage of the drainage system of the toilet. You need to use the plunger to get rid of this type of blockage. Which you can use to fix the stuck toilet yourself.

Leakage Toilet:

Flapper valve that controls water pass from toilet tank to toilet bowl. Flapper valve problems can increase the water bill in your home because flapper valve problems cause it to lose control, so to put it simply, you can remove the faulty flapper valve and use a new flapper valve which can benefit you in the long run

Water Heater:

If you suddenly have cold shower water while you are taking a bath, the first problem that will come to your mind is the water heater. The problems of water heaters are relatively complex. Dirt deposits in the tank can cause water heater problems or pilot light problems or thermostat problems.

To be honest, if you are not an expert in the water heater problem, you need to bring a professional to inspect and maintain it.

Low water pressure:

This type of problem is more common in older homes. This can be a common plumbing problem for a variety of reasons. However, the most common cause is leaking pipes or algae inside the pipe is a layer of this problem is seen. In addition to the problem of faucet pipes, water pressure can also be lower due to the accumulation of dirt in aerators and showerheads. I can use beaching powder.

Blockage garbage Disposal:

Garbage Disposal is a very important and necessary home appliance through which garbage or food waste is easily removed in small pieces. This is done so that nothing gets stuck anywhere during the removal. Many times it is seen that this garbage disposal is very jammed, in that case first you have to click on the reset button, if it does not work then you have to open it, then you have to check the motor.

Leaking Pipes:

Leaking Pipes is a significant problem in a common plumbing problem. Leaking Pipes cause damage to your floor as well as home furniture. Usually, the leak of the pipe is when joining the pipe, in this case when using plastic pipe it is seen in many cases that the plastic pipe ruptures due to some heavy injury. Temporary problems of ruptured pipes can be solved by using tapes, compounds, but for a long-lasting solution, new pipes should be used by removing the leak pipes.


DIY Plumbing Problem:


  • When doing any plumbing related work you must switch off the main water and electricity
  •  Plumbing related work is usually messy, so you have to start work by changing clothes while working
  •  With confidence and tools, plumbing related minor problems can be easily fixed in the DIY method, which will greatly reduce the cost of your money.

You have to keep the contact number of the professional plumber with you, if you run into any big problem, call the plumber and try to solve it.

Moving to a new home is a lot more exciting for everyone but exciting as well as challenging. Everyone wants everything in his new home to be very tidy.

Make sure all plumbing work, from the smallest detail to the bathroom, is accurate. So many times in the new home there are problems with some small things, so in that case, those problems, especially our small plumbing problems can be easily solved by themselves. This will save you extra money. However, it is also true that if there is a big plumbing problem, the help of a professional can be taken without trying. Let’s talk about some common plumbing problems that you can fix on your own —


Use water to flush the toilet:

In the first case, there may be a problem with flushing the toilet. In that case, if some amount of water is poured into the toilet with a bucket, the toilet and toilet drain will be cleaned.

Use a Plunger to Fix Blockage:

Use a filter in front of the drain. Which will protect you from dirt, hair, soap entry and keep the flow of water in the drain. If the drain is blocked, you need to use a plunger to unblock it.

Hex / Allen key / Scrwdiver:

Simple plumbing related problems can be easily solved with these simple tools. With these simple tools, you can easily solve common problems.


Finally, I would like to say that by reading the above article, you can get an idea about the common problems related to plumbing and create confidence in yourself that you can solve many types of plumbing problems on your own which will save you a lot of money.

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