Shower valve replacement- Follow the simple 10 steps.

Do you want to reduce your electricity bill, especially your water bill?


Then check all the lines of the shower tube, sink with your shower valve today and check if there is any problem.

Today we will review a small but very important issue is the shower valve replacement.

The shower valve can be damaged for any reason, so you need to replace it in a hurry because you can prevent water wastage as well as reduce the water bill.

Many times it is seen that it is difficult to get a plumber in a hurry, in that case how to replace the shower valve using the DIY method is discussed in detail below.

As a result of the leak of the shower valve, your household items become messy as the cost increases. If you have a general idea about shower valve replacement to prevent wastage of your water, it will save you money and increase your required skills.

The Simple Way to Shower Valve Replacement


If we want to talk about the method of shower valve replacement in a very simple way, we can change a shower valve ourselves by following a few steps. Below are some common steps to discuss-

  • Step-1: Turn off the shower drain
  • Step-2: You have to turn off the water supply line
  • Step-3: Remove the handle
  • Step-4: Open Trim Plate
  • Step-5: Remove the old valve
  • Step-6: Installing new shower valve
  • Step-7: Water Supply Connection
  • Step-8: Check leakage
  • Step-9: Start main water supply
  • Step-10: Come To the back: Trim Plate & handle
image of shower valve replacement
shower valve replacement
Step-1: Turn off the shower drain

When replacing a shower valve, first we have to cover the shower drain well with a cloth because when replacing a shower valve, different types of parts are opened and there are also many small types of screws that are likely to get lost. The drain should be covered with cloth.

Step-2: You have to turn off the water supply line

The next step is to turn off the water supply line. Also, if you see any part of your sink or shower valve leaking, you must first turn off the water flow. The same should be done in case of shower valve replacement. Water flow control should be turned off from the place where it is located. Use a screwdriver to control water flow. Water shut-off systems are usually to the right or left of the valve cartridge and you must turn off both lines of the water supply (hot-cold). If there is no such thing then the main water supply line of the house has to be turned off.

Step-3: Remove the handle

To replace the shower valve, you must open the shower handle. With HEX we can easily open the shower handle. Different types of hex keys are required for different model handles. Then you have to open the other parts through the screwdriver. The most important thing when replacing a shower valve is that you have to take care of how the parts are being opened so that there is no problem while installing.

image of Remove theHandle
Remove the Handle
Step-4: Open Trim Plate

Shower Trim Plate usually refers to the plate through which the part of the hole in the wall is used to cover. Holes in the walls are usually made in the case of the shower valve replacement. The trim plate has two sites (left & right) screws, through which the plate is attached to the wall, the serew of the trim plate must be opened when replacing the shower valve, and the screws must be placed in a place that is available for later installation. It is best if you soak the handle & trim plate in vinegar, in which case they will look like shiny new ones later.

Step-5: Remove the old valve

After removing the trim plate, some part of the inside of the wall is visible. It usually has 12 inch or 30 cm holes. The hole needs to be widened. The wall of tiles should be cut until it is in the right shape. If you do not understand how many holes to make in the bathroom wall, then you must search and take the help of a professional plumber. With a shower trim plate and handle you can cover the hole in the wall. So an idea about the size of the hole is obtained through the trim plate.

The clip of the shower valve should be easily opened by needlenose pliers and it should be kept in a safe place. In the case of using the new valve, the previous clip can be used.
The valve should be gently pulled out of the wall by means of pliers. Note that the last part of the cartridge is attached to the wall.

If the valve is stuck, try to flick it out. Discard the valve if it is not suitable for use.

Step-6: Installing new shower valve

The new valve has to be installed at the place where we opened the old valve. You have to apply it a little by squeezing it tightly.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your valve. If the shower valve is small from the hole in your wall, there will be many problems in installing that valve. So when buying a shower valve, you must pay attention to its size.

Carefully insert the metal clip of the shower valve and keep it in the same position as before. The valve should be connected to the water pipe, as the valve cartridge is usually heat-sensitive, so care must be taken when installing.

Step-7: Water Supply Connection

At this stage,  pex tube is required so that you can easily give the water supply connections through male thread and female thread fittings.

Seems complicated? No, it’s not that complicated. Let us understand in a simple way-

With wrench & pipe-crimp ring fittings you can easily finish the connections of pex tube.

If you have skills in soldering at this stage you will be ahead. At this stage the connection of the shower valve with the copper pipe has to be done, so the skill on soldering will easily reduce the cost of copper pipe length, how to cut it in any size in an effective way, and if the old pipe is good then new You don’t have to think about it anymore.

However, you must clean all the parts including the pipe before soldering and you must use Teflon tape when connecting with male and female thread which will help you to prevent any further leakage in the connection.

Step-8: Check leakage

Apply everything properly, then turn on the water supply line and make sure that there is no leakage. If there is a leak in the connection area, then the connections should be repaired and Teflon tape should be used in the connection places.

Step-9: Start main water supply

To change the shower valve, we need to restart the water supply that we turned off and ensure water supply to all the lines in the bathroom.

Step-10: Come To the back: Trim Plate & handle

The trim plate should be placed in the right place along the wall. The screws on both sides of the trim plate should be fastened well then the handle should be fixed in the specified place. Who will use the hex key to insert the handle.


Finally, I would like to say again that you have to be skilled in Shower valve replacement. But this is not something that is not possible at all. You will save a lot of dollars where you can do it easily with patience and a little skill.

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