toilet leaking at base

Toilet Leaking at Base: DIY Solutions

Toilet leaks at Base are one of the most common issues we face. But the flow of water through the toilet leak keeps the bathroom wet all the time which makes it uncomfortable feeling to use. However, toilet leaks at the base that are easily fixed with DIY solution.

But the most important thing is that you must know the reasons for repaired the toilet leaking at the base. This article gives you a brief overview of the causes and effects of toilet leaks, as well as how to prevent them from leaking into the toilet in the future. 


Why Toilet Leaking At The Base 

Below are a few reasons why the toilet leaking at base. If we can take care of the causes of toilet leaking at base properly, it will be much easier to fix them.

1.Loose-fitting of Tee Bolts:

The two bolts that attach the base of the toilet to the floor are called Tee bolts. In many cases, the Wix rings are broken or damaged due to the loose-fitting of the tee bolts. In addition, the loose-fitting of the tee bolts causes the water to seep from the line through which it exits each time it is flushed and the water spreads to the floor. 

2.Wix Ring Broken:

The loose-fitting of the Tee Bolts damage the toilet wix ring and causes water to seep from the base of the toilet. Also, Wix rings are damaged due to prolonged use due to which water can seep so check the Wix ring from time to time and use new Wix rings for better results. 


wix rings-toilet


3.Loose Water Supply Line:

In addition to the toilet water tank and bowl, there are many water line connections in the total system. Loose-fitting at those junctions can seep water from the base of the toilet. So you have to take good care of all the water supply lines and their junctions.

4.Condensation of water:

Another Cause of toilet leaking at the base is the condensation of water. In a flushing toilet system, water usually accumulates in the water tank and bowl and this water is relatively cold. Usually, Toilet’s water tanks and bowls are made of porcelain, due to high humidity in the bathroom water leaks out of the porcelain’s water tank and bowl. Due to which water accumulates in the base of the toilet


Tools Used To Repair Toilet Leaking At Base

tools for repair toilet leak


Some tools you need to repair toilet leaks here are some of the most well-known tools that you can use to easily repair your toilet leaks.

 Wrench: This allows you to easily open and fasten different types of nut bolts. However, you must ensure that your wrench is open-ended.

Screwdriver: A set of screwdrivers is required to unscrew the various parts of your toilet as well as to uninstall and re-install everything, with different sized drivers for installing different parts of the toilet.

Bathroom Cleaner: You must always use antibacterial bathroom cleaner to clean your bathroom. You must use antibacterial bathroom cleaner to clean the areas where water comes out the base of the toilet.

Cleaning Cloth: Terry type cloth and microfiber type cloth are required for cleaning various parts of the bathroom. The cleaning cloth can be used to clean the water that has accumulated in different parts of the bathroom and the origin of the bathroom leak can be easily determined.

Repair Kits: A toilet has different types of small parts like Washer, Flipper, gaskets, wix rings, Bolts, Nuts, usually these parts can be collected from the market.

Cordless Drill and Driver: Those who don’t want to open the old nut & bolts easily. The cordless drill is required in the case. These can be easily opened with a cordless drill.

Hacksaw: It is often seen that bolts are a condition in which there is no other way but to cut them, in which case the hacksaw tool can be used.

Caulk: It is a material that usually helps to unite the two ends of different types of structures. Also helps to eliminate the leak. The need to properly re-seal the different ends of your toilet with the ground is immense.


How To Remove Toilet Leaking At The Base

 Below we discuss some of the things you can do to easily remove leaks from your toilet


To repair a toilet leaking at base, you must first make sure that the cause of the leak in your toilet is due to condensation. If it is due to condensation, then the accumulation of water in the base can be prevented by using the following things.

  • Trays can be used
  • The water tank must be water-resistant
  • The flapper must be just right
  • The fan should be arranged in the bathroom

2.Tighten the tee bolts:

Tee bolts are usually covered with a plastic cover. Remove the plastic covers on both sides and tighten the tee-bolts with an open-ended wrench so that the base of the toilet is firmly attached to the floor and the toilet wix rings that connect very well to the drain of the toilet outlet.

3.Disconnect and move the toilet

  • To Remove Toilet Leaking At The Base water supply must be turned off before disconnection. There is a shut-off valve on the left side of the water supply tube and water valve tailpiece, through which you can easily disconnect
  • After disconnection, remove all water from the water tank and bowl. Use a dry cloth or sponge if needed.
  • All parts should be unscrewed well. Especially the parts of the supply tube and valve tailpiece should be unscrewed and cleaned and if it is damaged it should be replaced.
  • Use the wrench to open the toilet tee-bolts and nuts. If there is a problem to open or do not want to open the hacksaw can be used
  • If you can’t remove the toilet from the floor drain alone, you have to take the help of someone else
  • And finally, you have to set up your toilet anew, most cases remove toilet leaking at base

4.Install new Wix rings:

Prolonged use can damage wix rings and that’s why the toilet leaking at base. So you have to change at regular intervals. There are wix rings in the outline drain and at the bottom of the toilet, so it should be well placed at the junction of the outline and the bottom edge of the toilet. To do this properly you must put the tee bolts in the right place. 

5.Toilet must be reinstalled:

The toilet should be carefully lifted and placed gently on the outline drain and care should be taken so that the tee-bolts of the toilet can enter through the holes at the base of the toilet. The toilet should be shaken a little so that the Wix rings on the bottom of the toilet can be compressed to form a strong seal.

6.Water lines need to be connected:

Re-start the waterline and ensure the connection between the water supply tubes to fill valve is OK. When the water tank is full, you must make sure that there are no leaks, then you have to use the flash again.


How can we protect ourselves from toilet leaks in the future?


  • The leak of the toilet cannot be neglected.
  • You must do proper maintenance of the toilet to cure the chronic leak
  • Nothing other than human waste and toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet.
  • Checks should be done every six months
  • Lastly, if you can’t fix the leak yourself then you must hire a good plumber


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